love a bitch

I'm in love with American Horror Story, k bye.

"That’s where you’re supposed to laugh and you realise that we’re both outsiders who nobody gets, and then you get my name tattooed on your neck until it all goes terribly wrong and you have to turn it into a snake just biting your earlobe.”

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Aww max you’re so cute I’ll talk about theories of evolution with you


"My mom’s a cop, well find you,"
“Your mom’s a cop, probably shouldn’t of had that weed.”
“My other moms a felon, I take after her.”


oh dear god this man is just mmm. Alex Saxon is on The Fosters and now he’s on Finding Carter, my favorite show by far. oh sweet lord baby Jesus please let this man be single! #AlexSaxon #FindingCarter 💕😍❤️🔥

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